I hope you enjoyed listening.


Xavier Weydert is a Musician / Composer and Sound designer.

He is a Explorer, Creator and Collector of beautiful things.


I was born in 1990 in Luxembourg.

From an early age I was experimenting with music and sound using recorders and playing the piano. My first real encounter with electronic music was when I sneaked into my brothers room after he had left, to play that cool strange music again. This was the album 'Music for the Jilted Generation' from  The Prodigy, and from that moment I immediately fell in love with electronic music.

Wanting to totally change the tracks I heard and modify them instead of just listening, I chose to dig deeper into how music actually works.

The more I got to know about the history of composition, recording, early synthesizers, sequencers and producing music the more fascinated I was and the more my respect grew for the pioneers of the different genres and styles. I love everything subtle, deep and original.

I love to let go in the creative process, still and always improvising some or entire parts of my tracks after having meticulously programmed the hardware. From dancefloor inspired Beats to experimental soundscapes, all emerge from the passion of making music.

For production requests, remixes, demos and booking,

Please don’t hesitate to give me shout: